Welcome to EBOP Gymnastics Club

EBOP Gymnastics Club is a Gymnastics New Zealand affiliated club whose mission is:

‘to help every child experience the joy of gymnastics and assist them in reaching their greatest potential in a safe and friendly environment’.

Our club offers:

* a safe welcoming and inclusive environment.

* a family friendly & relaxed atmosphere.

* a place where people want to spend their time.

* good value for money.

* committed coaches who are fair and equitable to all gym users.

* all people to learn new skills, improve their gymnastic performance, make good friendships and have fun. 

* opportunities to participate in fun social activities or events

30th Dec
Eastern Bay gymnastics coach rewarded for dedication. Ask anyone and they will tell youthat 40 yrs at one place is a long time - Lynne Pask isn't fazed......................................
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