Date Posted
5th Jul 2019

Primary School Competitiom

SEVENTH Day Adventist School were the champions at the EBOP Primary Schools Gymnastics Competition last Friday. The school’s gymnastics team were awarded the Rosalind Marshall Memorial Top School Trophy at the competition, which drew 368 entrants from 18 schools. The winners were closely followed by St Joseph’s Catholic School (Whakatane), Awakeri and Allandale schools. Operations manager at the gymnastics club Anne Gould said it was an awesome day. “Well done to all participants and we look forward to seeing you again next year.”

Results from gymnastics school competition, are:

Girls year 1 and 2 recreational: Sonny Rose Christie, Whakatane SDA School, 1 Vault; Isabella Mitton, Awakeri, 2 vault, 3rd overall; Lauryn Po Maulio Alofa, Whakatane SDA, 3 vault; Jane Dalgity, Allandale, 1 beam, 4th overall; Alexandra Searle, Otakiri, 2nd= beam, 4th= overall; Chloe MacKay, Allandale, 2 beam; Samia Kremer, St Joseph’s Whakatane, 1 floor, 1st= overall; Thea Hollis, James St, 2 floor, 1st= overall; Tia Beale, St Joseph’s Whakatane, 3 floor, 4th= overall; Charlee Carter, Ohope, 4th= overall.

Boys year 1 and 2 recreational: Oliver Plunket, St Joseph’s Whakatane, 1 vault, 2 floor, 3rd overall; Emmett Jones, St Joseph’s Whakatane, 2 vault, 3 floor, 1st overall; Heath Gallager, Allandale Primary, 3 vault, 5th overall; Jeetanmol Singh, Otakiri, 1 parallel bar, 6th overall; Quinn Kajavala, Ohope, 2 p-bar, 2nd overall; Charlie Eustace, Otakiri, 3 p-bar; Taitoa Stowers, St Joseph’s Whakatane, 1 floor, 4th overall; Teams, 1 St Joseph’s Whk, 2 Otakiri School, 3 Ohope.

Girls year 3 – 5 recreational: Coco Wren, James Street, 1 vault, 3rd overall; Nicole King, Whakatane SDA, 2 vault, 1 floor, 1st overall; Kate Stables Ohope, 1 beam; Neela Hyotynen, Allandale Primary, 2 beam, 4th overall; Madeleine Carter, Awakeri, 3 vault, 3 beam, 2nd overall; Summer Martin, Allandale, 2 floor; Mikayla Nuku, Matata Public, 3 floor; Greer Haslam, Ohope, 5th overall; Chloe Fisher, St Joseph’s Opotiki, 6th overall.

Girls year 3 - 5 competitive: Tara Petersen, Awakeri, 1 vault, 5th overall; Marino AmoroaSpence, Whakatane SDA, 2 vault, 1 floor, 1st overall; Miley Whiteley, Allandale, 3 vault, 2nd= beam, 2 floor, 2nd overall; Addie Tetze Awakeri School, 1 beam, 4th overall; Chloe Hogg, James Street, 2nd= beam, 3 floor, 3rd overall; Olivia Allison, St Joseph’s Whk, 2nd= beam, 6th overall; Teams, 1 Awakeri, 2 Whakatane SDA , 3 Allandale.

Boys year 3 – 5 recreational: Isaac Sugden, Whakatane SDA, 1 vault, 4th overall; Maurice Mabvurira, Whakatane SDA, 2 vault; Keelan Dawson, St Joseph’s Whk, 3 vault, 1 p-bar, 2nd overall; Takarangi Baker-Thomson, Te Kura Mana Maori o Maraenui, 2 p-bar, 1 floor, 5th overall; Tuumanako Patterson Foster, Apanui, 3 p-bar, 3rd overall; Hariki Baker-Thomson, Te Kura Mana Maori o Maraenui, 2 floor; Joseph Hodges, Whakatane SDA, 3 floor, 1st overall; Tom Yang, Whakatane SDA, 6th overall; Teams: 1 Whakatane SDA, 2 Apanui Primary, 3 Ohope.

Girls year 6 – 8 recreational: Willow Collier, Waiotahe Valley, 1st= vault, 1 beam, 1st overall; Alexis Pullar, Whakatane Intermediate, 1 vault, 3 floor, 4th overall; Caitlin Lowe, St Joseph’s Opotiki, 3 vault, 3 beam, 1 floor, 2nd overall; Paige Menzies-Lowe, Apanui Primary, 2 beam, 5th overall; Andie Martin Allandale School, 2nd Floor, 3rd Overall Isolde Camburn, Ohope, 6th overall.

Girls year 6 – 8 competitive: Tayah Prince, Whakatane Intermediate, 1 vault, 1st= floor, 1st overall; Chloe Sparrow, Whakatane Intermediate, 2 vault, 3rd overall; Zoe Flowerday, Whakatane Intermediate, 3 vault, 3rd= beam, 1st= floor, 2nd overall; Emma Newport, Awakeri, 1 beam, 1st= floor, 5th= overall; Ashlee Jennings, Awakeri,
2 beam; Brianna Knowles, Apanui Primary, 3rd= beam, 5th= overall; Lucy Carter, Awakeri, 3rd= beam, 4th overall; Teams, 1 Whakatane Intermediate, 2 Awakeri, 3 Apanui Primary.

Boys yesr 6 - 8 recreational: Kahu AmoroaSpence, Whakatane SDA, 1Vault, 1 floor, 1st overall; Isaac Black, Ohope, 2 vault, 3rd overall; Xavier Marr, Matata Public, 3 vault, 2nd= p-bar, 4th overall; Joziah King, Whakatane SDA, 1 p-bar, 2 floor, 2nd overall; Jachaiyah Donaldson, Whakatane SDA, 3 Floor, 5th overall; Keelan Moana , Matata Public, 6th overall; Teams, 1 Whakatane SDA School.