Date Posted
3rd Jul 2019

Secondary School Gymnasts

NINE Eastern Bay students competed in the Secondary Schools Gymnastics, Trampoline and Tumbling Championships in Rotorua last week. Kayla Forsyth, Caitlin Berquist, Alice Blakeway, Sarah McLay and JeanDaniel Rosset from Whakatane High School; Emily Hart, Rebecca Whitaker and Alex Robbie from Trident High School; as well as Brooklyn Earp from Opotiki College competed.
Results – trampoline B-grade women’s: 2, Sarah McLay,
WHS. A-grade men’s: 1, Jean-Daniel Rosset, WHS. Tumbling – C grade women: 1, Caitlin Berquist, WHS; 2, Alice Blakeway, WHS; B-grade women: 1, Sarah McLay, WHS; A-grade women: 4th equal, Kayla
Forsyth, WHS; A-grade men: 1, JeanDaniel Rosset, WHS. Artistic gymnastics – women’s novice Level 2 – 1, Emily Hart, Trident; 2nd vault, 2nd beam; 3rd floor and second overall; women’s novice Level 2 – 2nd bar, Alice Blakeway. Women’s novice Level 3: Brooklyn Earp, Opotiki, 3rd vault, 2nd beam, 3rd bar, 1st floor and 3rd overall; Caitlin Berquist, WHS, 2nd vault, 3rd beam, 2nd bar, 2nd floor and 2nd overall; Sarah McLay, WHS, 1st vault, 1st beam, 1st bar, 2nd floor and 1st overall. Women’s Step 4, Kayla Forsyth, WHS, 3rd floor and 6th overall Men’s B-grade restricted: Jean-Daniel Rosset, WHS, 1st overall.